Quality Quilt Sets. Available in dozens of colors and patterns from Southshore Fine Linens

Pure Melody Lightweight 3-Piece Quilt Set
Pure Melody Lightweight 3-Piece Quilt Set

$29.99 $59.99 Ex Tax: $29.99

Winter Brush Collection - Reversible Light weight Quilt Sets
The Brickyard Collection - Quilt Set
The Brickyard Collection - Quilt Set

$34.99 $69.99 Ex Tax: $34.99

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Southshore Fine Linens offers many quality quilt sets to suit your lifestyle, tastes, and décor. We offer unbeatable value, top-notch products, and incomparable customer service.

Why Choose a Quilt?

Traditional quilts were hand sewn, delicate, made from many fabrics, and difficult to launder. Today’s quilt sets offer strong machine stitching and finely woven fabrics. They’re much stronger and a snap to launder; perfect for a busy, modern household.

Quilt sets are a classic choice for any bedroom, because they’re so practical. They stand alone effortlessly, or add layers for that signature look designers always recommend.

Quilt Sets Offer More

Quilting adds visual appeal to an otherwise boring bed, but it also serves a practical purpose. It binds the outer layers of fabric to the fill inside. This provides warmth, without weight.

A finer, denser quilt pattern creates a flatter quilt for a more tailored look. A larger quilt pattern provides the fluffiness many people want on a rustic, country, or casual bed.

Quilt sets aren’t necessarily hot either. Choose the correct quilt set for your bed, and use it year-round. Of course if you want plenty of warmth, the correct quilt set can provide that too.

Fabric Choices to Suit Your Lifestyle

Southshore Fine Linens offers quilt sets in 100-percent cotton and easy care microfiber quilts. Our classic designs and amazing size selection make it simple to find what you need. You can have a stylish bedroom at a very reasonable price, no matter your tastes and décor.

Busy households with pets and children will appreciate our full line of microfiber quilts. They’re allergen-free, luxuriously soft, and wash and dry like a dream. If you prefer the clean, crisp feel of cotton, our breathable 100% cotton sateen quilt sets offer the incredible comfort and durability of a natural fiber.

Astonishing Colors & Designs

When creating an unforgettable bedroom, we understand color plays a vital role. That’s why we offer quilt sets in colors you’re not likely to find elsewhere.

We also ensure you have a wide array of the latest designs available including paisley prints, florals, and plain quilt sets. Craft a showcase bedroom and leave the trends to us.

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