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Bed Skirts - 15 inch Pleated Drop  - Vilano Springs
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Bedding accessories add flair and create a cohesive design. If you want an affordable designer bedroom, adding a few choice bedding accessories to a boring bed is often all you need.

Southshore Fine Linens offers two bedding accessories essential to a well-dressed bed: bed skirts and decorative pillows.

Bed Skirts

If you’re like most people, you dwell on your comforter or quilt, but ignore the lower part of your bed. Unfortunately, most quilts and comforters don’t cover the mattress, box spring, and box spring legs of a traditional bed. They poke their unattractive heads out from beneath your bedding and detract from the look of your bedroom.

Bed skirts are essential bedding accessories since they hide these unsightly, functional items and offer a sleek, finished look instead. A bed skirt can complement or off-set your quilt or comforter and minimize dust under your bed. Bed skirts are easy to launder too. Just remove it and wash with your other bedding following the manufacturer’s directions.

Southshore Fine Linens offers box pleated bed skirts in a multitude of colors. With 17 colors and 5 bed sizes available, you’re certain to find the ideal choice for your bed. These high-quality bed shirts include intermediate pleats to prevent sagging and to retain the flat profile. They’re part of our Vilano Springs line with matching bed sheets, quilts, and comforters and do not need ironing or fabric softener.

Decorative Pillows

A designer bed always includes at least a few decorative pillows, and often several sets. They’re an inexpensive way to create an enticing, comfortable and cohesive bedroom design with little effort.

While there’s no exact formula regarding how many pillows you should use, you probably won’t want to add too many pillows, or it will make your bed look messy. Most decorators recommend a basic layout which includes a back row of sleeping pillows standing on edge which span most of the width of your bed.

Follow this with a set of pillow shams. Many quilt and comforter sets include them, but Southshore Fine Linens also sells separate 22” x 22” Vilano Springs’ box-patterned shams separately. They’re ideal if you own a favorite duvet or comforter you do not want to part with, but it did not come with shams. You can add a little pizzazz affordably.

Finally, finish your bed with several square pillows. Designers recommend buying synthetic pillow inserts and adding covers. Southshore Fine Linens offers dark slate, sky blue, and black pillow covers in the same Vilano Springs box pattern. Whenever you tire of your bedding, just swap covers instead of buying expensive pillows each time. It’s a simple way to change the look of your bedroom, without buying new bedding.

Experts recommend you restrict the pillow height to two-thirds of your headboard. Choose washable fabrics such as the high-quality microfiber of the Vilano Springs line. You do not need to worry about them if they soil or you spill something on them, unlike other fabrics which often require dry cleaning.

Outstanding Bedding Accessories

Decorative pillows and bed skirts can either complement your bedding or add drama and contrast. It’s easy to create an outstanding focal point for your bedroom using our Vilano Springs line.

Our 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee ensures you receive the quality you deserve and Southshore Fine Linens always delivers value.

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